The Measure Of Success

The Measure Of Success

Success is relative. But if you ask anyone, they are likely to agree that their personal happiness hinges on success in some capacity. Whether that be through achieving professional goals or hitting personal milestones, that is your prerogative entirely.

As a global entrepreneur who has lived in Dubai for the past two years, I can definitively say that my definition of success is forever evolving.

Working for myself has taught me immeasurable lessons, including perseverance, persistence, and how to keep motivated to ensure my business thrives (even when I lose the heart to carry on). But the most important lesson I have learned by far is about success.

Independent business owners and entrepreneurs know all too well that success has to be measured with a multipronged approach, because starting your own business can be a slow climb upward, and putting all your eggs in one basket can backfire.

Fast. Starting my own business has been an extremely rewarding journey, and I wouldn’t trade it for anything in the world. But, it requires patience.

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I learned, slowly but surely, how to view success through a lens, as a spectrum rather than a targeted goal. To me…

– Success is… my 2-year old daughter showing me a picture she drew of our family
– Success is… logging off after a long day of work knowing I did the best I could
– Success is… finally purchasing the car I wanted for so long

Valuing success is not a flaw in any way. In fact, placing value on success is how we evolve as humans. How we show we care what we give back to the world, our family, friends, and colleagues. For that reason, success is a truly remarkable marker of our personal happiness and achievement.

As an entrepreneur, I can say with certainty that my achievements have awarded me exceptional personal and professional fulfillment.

However, I do think it’s worth mentioning that when success is defined as a targeted goal when all your personal fulfillment depends upon a singular goal, singular achievement, it’s easy to jeopardise your happiness. Especially as an entrepreneur, you have to remain open to the idea that success is relative. That it doesn’t only fall into one narrow category.

Because success can be wonderful. It can drive your motivation, and future achievements, and give you boundless fulfillment and pleasure.

How to measure success though? That is entirely up to you.


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A British National currently based in Dubai & London, Amit brings on board over 15 years of international experience in business development, marketing, E-commerce, and strategy.