What are NFTs? Non-Fungible Tokens

What Are NFTs-1

In more primitive times, merchants traded goats for wheat, shelter, and goods. As time went by, we graduated to more refined currency, introducing gold coins, and eventually paper money. With the digital age upon us, the prominence (and popularity) of digital currency has arisen. Content creators, gamers, and online personas pounced on the opportunity to […]

The Future of Cryptocurrency in 2022

The Future of Cryptocurrency in 2022

Cryptocurrency is a hot topic. Buying, selling, or investing in Bitcoin (the biggest cryptocurrency) or Ethereum has become a hot commodity in recent years. In 2021, global governments have widely implemented strict regulations to mandate cryptocurrency transactions and exchanges. However, the virtual currency has certainly maintained a surge in popularity, as both seasoned investors and […]

Is The Future Digital?

Is The Future Digital

It’s no secret. Cryptocurrency is on fire at the moment, as NFTs have become increasingly niché (the marketplace amounted to 25 billion sales in 2021) amongst gamers, Twitter users, and artists fascinated by the decentralisation of individual assets. While NFTs have definitely endured their fair share of criticism from sceptics, especially in regards to inalienable […]


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