How to Setup an eCommerce Business in Dubai, UAE?


Dubai is an excellent location for starting an eCommerce business due to its high growth potential. As a result, starting a business in Dubai could be your ticket to riches. Businesses can sell their products online through their eCommerce websites and a variety of other marketplaces.

With a population of over 9 million people and a high internet penetration rate, the ecommerce business in the UAE is booming. Furthermore, the UAE government is supportive of the eCommerce industry.

The UAE is an international commerce hub, making it simple to import and export goods and products. Furthermore, the country’s strategic location makes it a great site for doing business.

Are you wondering how to start an eCommerce business in Dubai? Here are some important factors to consider while establishing a business in Dubai.

Furthermore, you can work with our company setup advisors to make the setting of your eCommerce business easier than before.

Benefits of starting an eCommerce business in Dubai


1. eCommerce market is growing faster in the Middle East

According to the Eshop global report, Dubai accounts for 60% of all online customers in the UAE. This demonstrates that the eCommerce market is developing faster than other industries.

Dubai is experiencing a surge in eCommerce; don’t miss out on this opportunity!” – Ameet Gupta – A charismatic corporate business transformer and worldwide marketer.

Furthermore, the Dubai government has created the Dubai E-commerce Strategy, with the goal of cementing the city’s position as a global logistics hub for the Middle East. This method lowers the cost of eCommerce operations while also attracting more overseas investors. Investing in an ecommerce business setting in Dubai is thus a good decision.

2. UAE has the best transportation infrastructure

The UAE has one of the world’s top transportation systems and is ranked third in air transport quality. Furthermore, the government makes significant efforts to keep its air transportation competitive.

In addition, the transportation infrastructure intends to build roads, bridges, seaports, and other public works to assist economic growth. As a result, goods transportation appears to be considerably more convenient for an eCommerce company in Dubai.

3. Government supports new businesses

The UAE government is ranked 16th in terms of ease of doing business because it fosters the creation of free zones, where enterprises can benefit from cheaper operational costs, lower tax rates, and professional networking possibilities.

What is the Procedure to start an e-commerce business in Dubai?

Setting up an eCommerce business in Dubai can be done online or by talking with a business setup specialist who can guide you through the process.


Here are the typical steps you need to go through while setting up a business in Dubai.

1. Choose your eCommerce business activities

The Dubai government keeps a list of over 2,000 approved activities from which you can choose based on your needs. You can also obtain additional approvals if your activity is not included.

2. Choose a location for your eCommerce business

For eCommerce business setup in Dubai, you’ll need a location and an address. You need an address to conduct your eCommerce business, whether it is in one of the free zones or on the mainland. And each place has pros and disadvantages.

3. Register a name for your eCommerce business

Follow the naming convention criteria when naming your eCommerce company. The UAE government has rigorous criteria for naming a business, and you must observe them and avoid any offensive or demeaning phrases or terms.

4. Get an eCommerce business license

To conduct business in the UAE without encountering any compliance concerns, all company entities must get a legal license.

5. Get an optimized eCommerce website

An eCommerce website is essential for driving visitors to your online portal and increasing sales. To establish an eCommerce business in Dubai, you must have a top-notch eCommerce website design.


In Dubai, the eCommerce industry is ripe with promise and prospects. By establishing an eCommerce company in Dubai, you may take advantage of the tremendous prospects available in the Middle East. Furthermore, Dubai has a huge, well-connected populace and various government-led initiatives that will support eCommerce growth over the coming decade.

Starting an eCommerce business in Dubai can be a difficult and time-consuming task. However, you can consult – Ameet Gupta – a local consultant in Dubai who can assist you in prioritizing your business requirements, selecting the appropriate jurisdiction, and completing all necessary documentation. To schedule a free consultation with him, please click here.


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