Do You Want More Traffic?

Do You Want More Traffic

Would you like to attract more traffic? Generate leads that turn into website conversions for your business? Look no further. Website traffic growth (more specifically, high-quality traffic) is critical to growing your business and increasing conversions.

Because, although increasing traffic to your website is important, converting them into customers is key to your company’s success.

Whether employing SEO, online advertising, or content marketing services, hiring a digital marketing agency can optimize your business’s success with their unique marketing expertise (as digital marketing agencies boast a team of highly qualified digital marketing experts). But, what are the best strategies to organically boost traffic? Stay tuned.

1. Reviews, reviews, reviews.

Customers want to support brands they trust. So, the question is – how do you (as a brand) establish a certain level of credibility? Easy. Satisfactory customer service is the first step towards ensuring a marketing strategy that optimizes your website conversion rate.

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Whether dealing with customer complaints on social media, live chat services, or through a website form, maintaining decorum is key. All you have to do is…

– Reply promptly to comments
– Offer satisfactory compensation (in the form of coupons or rewards) for unhappy customers
– Present multiple solutions to customer issues

… and your customer is sure to leave a positive review on platforms such as TrustPilot or Yelp! To be sure, however, make sure to reach out to previous customers (gauge their level of satisfaction with services provided first) and ask them to leave a review. Since most potential customers peruse the crowd-sourced local business review websites I mentioned, your brand is sure to garner some business.

2. Paid Advertising

Social media has permeated every facet of our daily lives. In fact, you would be hard-pressed to find a single person (and potential customer) who doesn’t check FB or Instagram at least a few times a day.

For this reason, implementing paid advertisements on social media platforms can not only generate thousands of clicks and increase traffic for your website but also garner mass website conversions (and business growth).

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Many businesses hesitate with paid ads due to budget constraints or incrementally slow timelines. But, when you consider the benefits, the pay-off might just be worth it. Platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube rake in millions of users daily. So, the reach for paid advertising is unprecedented.

Moreover, with online algorithms ever-evolving to allocate advertisements for specific customers, attracting the correct audience for your brand has become easier than ever.

No need to waste time on mass advertising, and increase traffic in the process. All you have to do is select the optimal platform for your business, and there you go!

3. Write Guest Blogs

You may be asking – why give away valuable, thoroughly researched content on a niche subject for free? The answer is simple. The benefits outweigh the costs. Oftentimes, with small to medium-size businesses, garnering significant reach, and thereby website conversions is difficult. So, leveraging an engaged following in your niche, via a larger business, can notably drive traffic and increase conversion rates.

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Established corporations are generally willing to publish guest content if it is well-written. Why? Because it comes at zero-cost to them. Now, when choosing which media publication or business to publish your guest post, consulting a checklist is key:

– Does the media publication publish content relevant to your niche?
– Does the business accept guest posts?

If your guest blog is accepted, then the real work begins. Leveraging access to thousands of users is one thing, but engaging with potential customers is critical to driving traction and website conversions.

When your guest blog is published, attend to comments with thoughtful answers, establishing reputability with potential customers. Therefore, they will be more likely to visit your website, hopefully increasing conversion rates.

4. Social Media Engagement

Users visit social media primarily for entertainment. For this reason, businesses are immediately at a disadvantageous position in the digital realm of social media. It follows, therefore, that to optimise sales, website conversions, and drive traffic, businesses must first take a personable approach.

Pitching sales right off the bat can be off-putting, so brands must use other tactics first to attract interested customers.

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You may be asking – how? How do you leverage social media to drive traffic? To generate increased sales and conversions? The answer is simpler than you might think. Simply follow this handy guide for social media optimization, and boost engagement:

– Develop positive relationships with potential customers by joining relevant FB groups
– Share How-Tos and helpful information on social media pages
– Leave thoughtful comments on user content to generate clicks

Social media is crucial to attracting customers, as platforms such as YouTube and FB garner millions of visits daily. However, the platforms must also be leveraged advantageously for optimal success. And, since users are wary of “selling sharks,” establishing a persona and positive relationships with potential customers is key to generating traffic to your website.

When driving traffic to your website, several different methods can be adopted. By utilizing SEO, content marketing, web analytics, and more, you can ensure more website conversions, generate traction, and ultimately garner sales. Therefore, when asking how to drive traffic to your website, the answer is not one-fold.

Rather it is a combination of several marketing strategies aligned.

Not one, but many can ensure optimal success for your business.


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