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Start your Business in UAE

If you want to register your first company in UAE, our comprehensive services ensure smooth Business Setup in UAE. Small or large, setting up your business in the UAE is remarkably easy and hassle-free.


Business Setup in UAE

We provide professional business setup consultancy services in Dubai which assists you in executing a trouble-free and smooth company registration and setup in UAE. There are many benefits to registering and setting up your company in UAE including 100% tax savings, and ease of doing business.

UAE is very popular among business owners and investors for registering and setting up a company, the main reason behind this is you’ve got 100% foreign ownership.

We handle all the minor and major processes including registering your company in UAE, setting up offices, company formation in UAE, Partner visa in UAE, VAT services, etc.


Documents Required to set up a company in UAE

You should have the required documents to open your company. So, here are some important and useful documents you’ll need in this process:

– Business application form
– Your business plan
– Proof and signatures on shareholders/directors
– Passport copies of shareholders/directors
– Letter of intent

Who Can Start a Business in the UAE?

Eligibility: Any person who wants to pursue his dream of registering his first company can incorporate a free-zone company in the UAE.

The UAE government is helping new investors to start a business in the UAE. It’s quite easy and almost anyone can do it. This is mainly because the UAE government is offering many incentives for registering and starting a business here.

Do you want to start a business in the UAE, it’s actually a good idea. The Dubai government is encouraging business owners and investors to register a company in UAE. not only this Dubai government is also supporting investors and business owners by offering long-term visas for investors.


So, how does it work?

Here is the full procedure to set up your business in Dubai:

1. Collection of important information:

Examine your business and your competition as well.

2. Business registration & setup:

Collect needed documents and set up your business in UAE.

3. Qualified team:

Select a group of qualified team members to help you to start a company in UAE.

Why you should start your business in the Free Zone.

The main reason is that UAE free-zone companies are 100% exempt from income tax. We deal with the mainland, major free zones, and offshore partners.

Dubai Outsource City

In 2007, Dubai Outsource City was established as a “Free Zone” licensing jurisdiction via a decree of la aw passed by the “Free Zone Council.” Today, it is a recognized house for more than 150 nationalities and almost more than 8,000 business professionals.

Dubai Internet City

Dubai Internet City Free Zone has provided an enabling platform for tech entrepreneurs and startup entities who strive to reach the global markets through the “Dubai Silicon Valley.” Dubai Internet City Free Zone has also launched an innovation center.


Dubai Design District

Dubai Design District Free Zone was established in 2013 and it is the region’s first hub. With 50+ nationalities and 10,000+ professionals, “Dubai Design District Free Zone” is paving the path for design, fashion, and culture. The jurisdiction brings together trendsetters.


Dubai Media City

Dubai Media City was established in 2001 and it was launched as a “Free Zone.” Today, the jurisdiction houses over 142 nationalities under 15,000 companies. As the region’s fastest-growing media segment, almost 25,000 media professionals have registered.


Ras Al Khaimah

In Ras Al Khaimah Economic Zone you'll get four Free Zone business parks: Business, Industrial, Technology, and Academic. The Ras Al Khaimah free zone region enables unparalleled services to entrepreneurs. and it established businesses seeking a flourishing, creative community.


Sharjah Media City

Sharjah Media City, better known as Shams, is the UAE’s fastest-growing “Free Zone,”. Sharjah Media City attracts lots of foreign investors and media curation as a leading global authority. Sharjah Media City Free Zone helps investors, SMEs, and freelancers to set up a free zone company.

Frequently Asked Questions

The cost of registering a company in the UAE starts from as low as AED 10,000 and it goes beyond AED 40-50,000 depending on your business type, area and location, and structure.

Checking your company status is very easy. You can check, if your business company is registered or not by visiting the UAE official government’s website and portals.

Usually, it takes a minimum of 7-10 days to register a company.

Registering a company in UAE has lots of benefits. Some of the major benefits are tax-free rules, which means UAE free-zones companies are 100% exempt from income tax, not only this you get substantial support from UAE’s government. also registering and business and maintaining a business in UAE is also not very easy because of business-friendly laws.

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